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Carplus was founded in 1984, and joined Yulon Motor Group in 1999. Since that time we have worked to grow from a small local business to one of the largest car rental and leasing companies in Taiwan. Now, we’ve operated more than 40 leasing and rental offices island-wide, including multiple counters in Taiwan High Speed Railroad stations.

In the year of 2007, we advanced into Mainland China. The first office had been set in Suzhou Industrial Park, then branch out into eastern China (Shanghai, Kunshan , Hangzhou, Ka Shing, Ningpo) and southern China(dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Shenzhen) ,Amoy and so on. We are continuing to increase our area coverage in order to enable more enterprises and individuals enjoy our high quality leasing services.

With more than 30 years history, Carplus always follows “We Put You First” spirit to serve our customers. We provide high quality services including leasing, rental, and rental with driver in an honest and responsible approach. We believe the best fuel to our unremittingly advance comes from the satisfied smiles of our customers. In the future, we’ll insist the belief of “Honesty, Profession, and Enthusiasm”, hoping we can provide rounded leasing and rental services to you, making each deal a beautiful experience in your business and life.

1984/06 “Kaplus Car Leasing Co., Ltd.” was founded to operate auto leasing business. Then renamed “CARPLUS Auto Leasing Corporation” in July 2001.
1998/12 Joined the Yulon Motor Group.
1999/09 CARPLUS was the first leasing company in Taiwan to certified with ISO9002, which was upgraded to ISO9001 in 2000.
2004/06 TAC held 45% stock and became CARPLUS’s major shareholder.
2005/01 First among the industry with it’s fleet size to exceed 10,000 cars.
2005/06 Credit was rated “A-” by Taiwan Ratings, and upgraded to “A” in June 2006.
2007/01 CARPLUS opened 6 rental counters in Taiwan High Speed Railroad stations.
2007/03 “Suzhou CARPLUS Auto Leasing Co.” was founded, provides auto-leasing services in East China.
2007/09 Setup used car store, provide used cars with high quality.
2008/12 CARPLUS was approved to operate the business of rental and pick-up in Shanghia City.
2012/02 The first Electric Vehicle rental store in Taiwan was opened by CARPLUS in Banqiao Rail Station, Taipei. The store marks the new age of green transportation and touring.
2012/06 CARPLUS has been continuously rewarded for the Gold Award in Car Rental Category by Commercial Times from 2012 to 2014.
2012/12 The first car-rental company that was rewarded for "Excellent Brand of Commercial Service Industry" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2013/04 The first Prize was rewarded to CARPLUS in Car Rental Category of “Influential Brands 2013” by Manager Today.

The prestigious welfare brand of “Courteous Welcab Service” was officially launched, which provides tourism charter and pick-up service with Barrier-Free vehicles.
CARPLUS was rewarded for “the first prize of Businessmen’s Ideal Brand” in Car Rental Category by Business Today Magazine in 2015.

2016/12 CARPLUS was 8 times rewarded for  "the first prize of customers’ Ideal Brand” in Car Rental Category by Management Magazine in 2017.
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